THOMAS JULLIEN - Creative Director - Art Director



The Classic, featuring Feyenoord and Ajax, is the biggest football match in the Netherlands. Every time it’s played, the rivalry between Rotterdam and Amsterdam peaks.
adidas, being the sponsor of both teams, wanted to change the way we see the Classic with the fans, especially because the rivalry between the two teams is very aggressive.

We pitched two comedians slash football fans against each other and let the rivalry do its job. Feyenoord fan Jandino Asporaat and Ajax addict Roue Verveer visited the Kuip and the Arena together, leading to a film that made its way across Dutch social media.
Using comedian help us steering away from the cliché rivalry between the two teams and brought the fans back to what really matters: the joy of football.
We released the film two days before the Classic through the social channels of Feyenoord and Ajax, reaching 1,3 M views and quality engagement, warming up all fans in time before the real game.