THOMAS JULLIEN - Creative Director - Art Director



We were asked to further develop the current ING CB POP campaign, which resulted in three main challenges for the creative solution:

- Add more personality

- Create more visual stand-out / visual brand property

- Connect the campaign to a campaign thought

With these factors in mind, we created the “ING Brackets” concept. Engaging and beautifully shot visuals immediately show the connection between ING CB and their sustainable clients. Rather than positioning ING CB as a “green bank” we make clear that they are an integral part of the process that allows the client to achieve their objective. They are bringing sustainable growth to sustainable companies.

LO A1 1570 ING dec.2013 002.jpg

Executive Creative Director: Ben Hartman
Art Director: Thomas Jullien
Copywriter: Amadeus Henhapl

International account supervisor: Temar Biratu
Account manager: Tomas Prijs, Kasia Jagodzinska
Strategy director: Ruben Beijer
Photographer: Maurice Heesen